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Toes To Bar

Posted by Keith Pettit on

Here are some tips to string those Toes to Bar together.. I am assuming that you have a general idea of toes to bars but you have trouble doing them together. If You get out of rhythm and have to jump down try these tips.

The first video is just the shapes you should learn.  Work on holding these shapes on the bar.  Notice that I open in my shoulders and chest.  In the open/arch phase, think of pushing back on the bar.  The more flexible your shoulders are, the more aggressive your kipping motion can be, so work on those shoulder stretches!.

Here is a video showing the difference between the kipping pull up vs. the T2B and bar muscle up. Notice how there is a back and forth movement of the open/close. This is what enables you to string them together. I know that the feet have to cross the plane of the bar in the open phase. I exaggerated the back and forth motion to better illustrate how the arch phase in forward and the pike (toes at bar) the hips are behind the bar. I do the 2tb with straight legs, it can also been done with bent legs. Again this video is only to show the back and forth.

The final video is a drill to help you figure out how to generate that movement. Notice the band below the bar is loose - so if you hit the band it just falls down. Again she needs to make sure her heals break the plane of the bar. It would help if she would try to think of the heals going under the band. But again this is just a drill that is only to teach you the open a bit in front of the bar.

 For more detailed explanation of these drills and a lot more information on bar kipping skills including bar muscle ups, butterfly pull ups and toes to bar, purchase the tutorial on Bar Kipping Skills.

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