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Coach Sean is helping me make gymnastics specific tutorials.

Posted by Keith Pettit on

Many of you who follow me probably have come across Coach Sean.  We coach together and he has a lot of great drills on instagram (@coachseands).  He really breaks down a lot of gymnastics skills and I have always said he should put some together in a nice package.

I have also had many of you ask for more gymnastics specific tutorials.  Well you are in luck, Coach Sean and have collaborated on our first tutorial - Basic Tumbling.

I am pretty excited about this because Basic Tumbling is important to learning not only difficult tumbling skills but also skills on all the other events.  Its also exciting because the tutorial uses drills and exercises from Coach Sean and from me.

Want to know more about Coach Sean - visit his webpage at




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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

    akimyyljrs on

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