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Online Reviews Added - Getting out of my comfort zone

Posted by Keith Pettit on

Ok today is a scary day.  I finally figured out how to allow online reviews.  As you can see my store is pretty basic.I know just enough to do the basic functions and maybe mess it up from time to time.   I didn't know how to put in online reviews (and was scared to do it) so I had to look into it.  (Note - shopify made it way easier than I imagined).  Today I did it!

It was scary to first create my instagram account. The good part about that was, most people just liked stuff or ignored my posts.  So its all positive feedback since you only notice how many likes a post gets.  Then when I started my website - same thing.  I could track visits but no real feedback.  Now its changed!

Its the scary time.  Just like 30 years ago when I competed gymnasts people are going to actually give my work a score! 

It is funny, in my tutorials etc. I talk about having to get corrections from your coach, make changes and gett out of your comfort zone - well I finally followed my own advice!  Only way to get better is to get feedback!

I always encourage people to write me and let me know if they have questions or need something else.  That will always be available! I may take a little longer now that I get more emails but I will get back to you at  or direct message me on instagram.

The reviews are just an easier extension of that!  So if you bought a product or have a question you now have one more platform to do that!


Coach Keith

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