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Inlocate - with Coach Sean

Posted by Keith Pettit on

One of the hardest things to do is to teach a gymnasts an  inlocate that rises on rings. And you need this before you can get an uprise handstand or yamawaki.

Here are a couple drills Coach Sean has his boys do to figure out the inlocate.

This one is pretty simple but its important.  It teaches the boy the arch shape and how to create turnover by driving the heels.


Now its time to do lots of basic swings.  Every time your athlete goes to rings they should work on these. Notice the heel drive in the back?  Also notice the shoulders stay down as the athlete turns over. 

Once the child is already able to do an inlocate and is ready to push. Coach Sean has them do the ball drill.  It teaches them to work on the turnover before they push, keep a tight arch over the top and maintain pressure on the rings.

 Hope these help!  We will be putting forth a more complete tutorial on these.  If you need help with back rolls or back uprises be sure to check out  this!!!

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