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Have a Plan

Posted by Keith Pettit on

Ok I am not a big motivational speech type coach and hate reading a bunch of articles about reaching your goals.  I like to  think goal setting is just having a plan with milestones.  I know in my life - rather its work or even working out  - I don't really give it my all unless I have to reach a milestone.  (right now I admit I am sort of just going through the motions in my workouts but sometimes that's ok too - or so I tell myself).  If you don't have an objective, plan and deadline its pretty much impossible to just "work hard."

I incorporate training plans with the kids I coach.  We sit down and say - ok next year where do you want to be? Then we write down, what they need to be there and how they will get there.

An example would be a gymnast saying,"next year I want to make National Team."  We sit down and say, ok then your total start value for all your routines has to be lets  XX points.  Then we draft his future routines to get to that XX score.  We then break down when he needs each of the new skills and milestones for those skills. An example would be "January you need your double back on floor, mid November you have to be able to do a double back with a sport on the floor."   

We have a clear path to get where he wants to be. We sometimes have to change our plan (detours happen) but it's better than just going in and "working out."  Everyone needs direction.

You should apply this to your training.  The week after the Open is the best time to do this.  Sit down and think where you want to be next year.  If its, I want to be top 200 in the region, then look and see what a person in the top 200 can do.  Then create a legitimate path towards that goal.

If you need help, ask your coach or an expert in the field.  If its gymnastics type strength, reach out to me.  I am always there to help someone get better!

If it involves learning gymnastic type skills, a great resource for the path is my tutorials!




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