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Find whats fun

Posted by Keith Pettit on

People often say when they see the girls in the Olympics or hear about kids working out in a sport 20 hours a week, "they are giving up their childhood" or something along those lines.  What these people don't understand is 99% of the time that's where those kids want to be - that is their childhood.  What they should probably say "wow that's amazing that kid found something they like that much that they want do it 20 hours a week."

I don't advocate having a kid drop everything at a young age and focus on one thing 20 hours a week, but if a kid is old enough to make choices for themselves and they choose a sport or activity, then its a great thing.  I have never met an elite athlete that didn't really love what they are doing?

So how does this pertain to you? 

Often you will hear people saying this type of exercise is the best and all the others are no good - or this type gets better gains and the others take more time so therefor its pointless.

I will tell you right here what the best exercise program is - Its the one you actually enjoy doing.  It doesn't matter if running burns more calories than biking, fact of the matter is if you don't enjoy running then you won't do it.

So don't listen to people advocating what the very best exercise program is.  Find an activity you enjoy and chances are you will stick to it. From time to time try other programs because maybe you will enjoy it even more but if your exercise program involves you dressing up as a ninja and doing the samba for an hour a day - hey more power to you!

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