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Wall Handstand

Posted by Keith Pettit on

We want to really work the correct handstand shape. This is the most important exercise you can do to get strong in your handstand position. Get your hands as close to the wall as possible, shoulder width apart. Push up through the shoulders so they are next to your ears. Pull your ribs in and make your lower back straight. Push as tall as you can all the way through your toes! Hold this for only for a few seconds with the proper shape, then work your way up to one minute.  Shape is more important than time upside down. As it gets easier, ease yourself off the wall maintaining the shape as you momentarily hold the handstand. If balancing is difficult, go back to the wall.  

This is an exercise you should always do. No matter who I coach – elite gymnasts, Crossfit Games athletes (I don’t want to name drop but some are a pretty big deal) or beginners, we always spend time on belly to wall handstands.  Usually they do two or three sets of these.

Have someone stand by you and encourage you to push up taller – i.e. hold their hand above your feet as you try to push up and touch their hand.

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