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Starting an Iron Cross

Posted by Keith Pettit on

The cross is one of those iconic strength moves – when you are a male gymnasts every asks if you can do a back flip or a cross. With a little time you can get one. First make sure you are strong enough to do 20-30 dips and have a good ring support.

 Get a set of low rings just a little higher than shoulders. Get your wrist into a false grip, have your bicep pointing forward, and your arms completely locked.  Slightly jump to above the cross position and push slightly down on the rings. As it get easier you can push down harder.

This is a great way to learn the perfect position in a cross and also ease your elbows into feeling that locked out position.  

 At first your elbows will feel sore, do not overdue iron cross training especially at first since your elbows/shoulders will not be used to the stress a cross puts on them.

 Do this for a set of 10.  As you get better you can momentarily stop in the cross position.

Video : Mini Jump  in Cross

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