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Get a new plan!

Posted by Keith Pettit on

What the are you thinking, earlier you told us to have a plan.  Ok that's right I did, but what if your plan isn't any good?

Brief story. 

I have this gymnast I coach that is really good for 13.  He didn't have a release skill on high bar.  In my mind I could see him doing the most beautiful geinger (let go of the bar, do a back flip with half turn and recatch).  I thought this was the perfect skill for him and knew it could lead to my favorite skill a Def (a geinger with another full twist). 

So I taught Arthur a geinger.  And I was right it was beautiful  - everything was perfect except one very important part.  He would never catch the bar.  He would always keep it just far enough away from the bar that it was close but he would be safe and comfortable.  I made him stick to the geinger, there were numerous loud discussions how he had to quit being so cautious (maybe not said that nicely), and practices ruined over this one skill.

Finally I stepped back and thought - you know maybe a yamawaki would be a better skill for him because he can see the bar the whole time and while its harder to learn, its less scary.  Bam two days later he's catching them like a champ.

The point of the story is that if you aren't making progress on your particular plan, step back and see if it needs adjustment.  You should always give a plan some time to see if it works.  However, if its not working reevaluate the plan!

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